Member Benefits

Benefits for ICCL Associate Members:
  • Ability to Maintain Household Records Pertaining to ICCL
  • Participate in ICCL Committees (eligible to be a member of the various ICCL Committees)
  • A Free ICCL Calendar Every Year
  • Tuition Discount on ICCL Academy
  • Tuition Discount on ICCL Sunday School

Benefits for ICCL General Members:
  • All Benefit(s) for an ICCL Associate Member, and
  • Ability to Reserve Gravesites at Discounted Member Rates, and
  • Ability to Vote for Constitutional Amendments, and
  • Ability to Vote for ICCL Council Elections, and
  • Ability to Vote for ICCL Board of Director Elections, and
  • Discounted multi-purpose hall rental (will be available after the ICCL Expansion, inshaAllah)